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Analysis on the score line and tuition of accounting major and master degree in Hohai University

2020-04-27 3895950

In order to facilitate the 2021 accounting postgraduate who is still hesitant to choose a school, our research network has launched a new section - school selection column, which helps students choose the right school on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and become a master in the first World War!
Today, the school recommended by is Hehai University.
1. Introduction to institutions
Hehai University, referred to as "HHU", is a national key university directly under the Ministry of education with water conservancy as its feature, engineering as its main subject and multi-disciplinary coordinated development, which is jointly established by the Ministry of education, the Ministry of water resources, the State Oceanic Administration and the people's Government of Jiangsu Province. It is one of the first batch of national institutions with the three-level degree granting rights of doctor, master and bachelor. It is also a national "world-class discipline construction university" and the state The key construction of "211 Project", "985 Project advantageous discipline innovation platform" and the universities that set up graduate school were selected into the national "111 plan", "excellent engineer education and training plan", National Undergraduate Innovation and entrepreneurship training plan, national construction high-level university public graduate project, national new engineering research and practice project, and Chinese government scholarship to China Overseas students receiving institutions, National College Students' cultural quality education base, National College Students' practical education, innovation and entrepreneurship base.
Hehai University is a University of science and technology, but its accounting major has become more and more popular in recent years. As a 211 Engineering University, its teaching level and faculty strength are no doubt. In the ranking of Accounting Master's Colleges (evaluation results of professional degree level of the Ministry of Education), Hehai University has a C-level recognition.
Ranking of Accounting Master's degree institutions (evaluation results of professional degree level of Ministry of Education)
Although the score line and reporting ratio of the second round test in 2020 have not yet been determined, has sorted out the score line of the second round test of accounting major of Hehai University for your reference.
2. Fraction line
Blue Book of collates the scores of Hehai University in the past three years
According to the score line of recent three years, we can see that the score line of Hehai University in recent two years is relatively low. Compared with other postgraduate schools, this score line is very friendly. Those who are willing to apply for the examination of Hehai University can review the score line and report ratio of the second round examination of Hehai University in 2020 according to their own actual situation and in combination with the later published by
3. School system tuition
According to the 2019 postgraduate enrollment rules of Hehai University, the full-time schooling system of Hehai University is 2 years, and the tuition fee is 40000 yuan for 2 years. Two years of part-time schooling with tuition of 99000 yuan for two years.
Blue Book of arranges the tuition fees of Hehai University in 2019
4. Postgraduate entrance examination outline
As the comprehensive ability of management joint examination is uniformly regulated by the Ministry of education, the postgraduate examination program in 2021 can be reviewed according to the 2020 postgraduate examination program officially released by higher education press on July 8, 2019.
The full score of the test paper is 200 and the test time is 180 minutes. The examination belongs to closed book and written examination. Calculators are not allowed. The contents of the examination include mathematical basis, logical reasoning and writing. The total score of mathematics foundation is 75 points, including 15 small questions for problem solving, 3 points for each small question, 10 small questions for condition sufficiency judgment, and 3 points for each small question. The total score of logical judgment is 60 points, 30 questions in total. The total score of writing is 65 points, including 30 points of validity analysis and 35 points of argumentation.
For more details, please reply "master of accounting examination outline" in the background. You can get the complete edition of 2020 exam outline!
5. Other policies
Equal academic ability
Those who have graduated from higher vocational colleges recognized by the state for two years or more (from graduation to the date of enrollment in the year of admission, the same below) and those who have graduated from the university with the state recognized degree meet the specific academic requirements of our school for the candidates according to the training objectives, shall apply for the examination according to the status of the same academic strength as those who graduated from the University. Candidates with the same academic qualifications recognized by the state, who apply for academic master's degree, shall publish academic papers related to the major of application in the national core Chinese journals as the first author.
For details, please refer to the master recruitment profile of Hehai University.
How are 2021's examinees doing? Still struggling alone? Don't worry, we have set up a special information sharing and exchange group for accounting / Auditing / mapping. You can scan the QR code below to enter the group. You can find information, research friends and information!
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