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May 4th honor list - May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee (general League branch) of Hehai University in 2019

2020-05-04 3897145

Since 2019, the League organizations at all levels of China have held high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, China has comprehensively implemented the spirit of the Thirteenth Party Congress and the relevant requirements of the higher level league organizations, and has made efforts to maintain and enhance the political, advanced and mass character, and strive to enhance the organization, leading, service and contribution of the league. 。 The League organizations at all levels, the league members and League cadres have worked together and made great achievements in the "double first class" construction of the school. They have given full play to the role of the new force and commandos, demonstrated the vigorous power of youth, and emerged a large number of advanced models.
Today, the construction achievements of the May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee (general League branch) of Hohai University in 2019 will be launched.
Youth League Committee of water conservancy and hydropower University
In 2019, the Youth League Committee of the hydropower academy will take leading Youth League members, organizing youth league members and serving youth league members as its duty and mission. In combination with the actual situation of college students, the Youth League Committee will vigorously carry out various works with the times and display youth style, and strive to train socialist builders and successors.
First, we should guide our thinking and mobilize young people to build a new era. Always regard the ideological construction as the first task of League member education, grasp the ideological dynamic of League member youth, and improve the theoretical literacy of League member youth. We will conscientiously carry out online theme group courses of "Youth University Learning", hold knowledge competitions of group courses, regularly carry out "group affairs guidance and exchange meetings", innovate and carry out "honest poetry" recitation and creation competitions, and guide young students to earnestly learn new ideas and strive to be good young people.
Second, encourage scientific and technological innovation and actively guide young people to explore the new world. Actively encourage students to study and create with the belief of seeking knowledge, scientific spirit, enthusiasm of innovation and courage of practice. In 2019, the young students of Sinohydro actively participated in various science and technology competitions and achieved outstanding results: 2 won the first prize of mathematical modeling competition of American college students, 7 won the first prize of the Sixth National College Students' water conservancy innovation design competition, and 1 team won the first prize of National College Students' advanced mapping technology and product information modeling innovation competition. For undergraduates, we will hold "dam gas full" dam type design competition, and for postgraduates, we will hold "doctoral and master's guiding scientific research and innovation training activities for undergraduates", which is committed to the linkage between the University and the University.
Third, we should build a style of study and strictly urge young people to learn new knowledge. Actively carry out a series of online and offline learning style construction activities. The WeChat official account of the college has launched a curve wrecker, a model of hydropower, and other columns. Under the line, we have carried out experience sharing sessions among outstanding alumni, excellent senior students, and exchange learning, competition and other experiences. Each league branch actively carries out one-to-one assistance plan to implement the construction of learning style to each student. Organize a series of activities such as model test and "leshui school" before major test to help students find out and fill in the gaps. Actively popularize professional knowledge and regularly hold "famous teachers' lectures" on water conservancy science popularization.
Fourth, we will create a Youth League Day and vigorously support young people to show their new characteristics. In combination with the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, a number of themed group day educational activities were organized. The flag raising ceremony with the theme of "youth heart towards the party and building a new era" was rated as the excellent Theme Group day activity of the whole school. "My university 100 days" theme group day activity has achieved good educational effect in freshmen. The League branches are closely combined with Nanjing red education resources to create a good atmosphere for immersive spiritual experience, and carry out League Day activities in the form of psychological counseling, theme knowledge competition, environmental protection volunteer activities, national unity and exchange meetings.
Youth League Committee of College of mechanics and materials
The Academy of physical culture and Sports Commission, guided by Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, has been keeping and enhancing the political, advanced and mass character, and has made great efforts to improve the organizational strength, the leading force and the service strength, constantly enhance the sense of happiness and sense of achievement of the youth members, and continuously expand the effective coverage and influence of China Youth League organization and work.
First, strengthen the organization and lay a solid foundation for the work of the Youth League Committee. The Youth League Committee of the college continued to promote the standardized construction of grassroots League organizations, guided grassroots League organizations to carry out standardized election, development of new league members, collection of League fees, transfer of League Organization relations, and "three meetings, two systems and one lesson". We will make full use of Internet technology and thinking to create a new pattern of work for the online Communist Youth League. We will continue to deepen the learning activities of youth universities, learn online Youth League courses well, and promote the institutionalization and routine of Youth League members' political learning. Implement the relevant requirements of "smart group construction", expand work channels and carriers, strengthen organizational attributes, and improve service capabilities. We will strengthen the theoretical armed forces of the League cadres, improve the regular learning mechanisms such as theoretical learning and the League cadres going to the podium, and promote the formation of a good style of study within the league.
Second, we should focus on the hot spots and improve the achievements of Ideological and political education. The Academy League Committee firmly grasps the basic task of Li De Shu and takes the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new China's socialist ideology as the guide. Relying on the important anniversary, we will carry out theme education activities such as the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, and coordinate ideological guidance in combination with important time nodes such as the National Memorial Day and the "3.5 Lei Feng day of learning". We will continue to promote the construction of relevant courses such as "new thought open course", "literacy open course", "dream open course" and "youth horse open course", and continue to deepen the ideological guidance and value guidance of youth, and constantly improve the ideological and political quality of Youth League members. Relying on the innovation and excellence project, the college integrates the faculty and characteristic resources, strives for advancement, strives to be a model as the wind vane, establishes the college "Zhilun branch", guides the majority of League members to firm their ideals and beliefs, realizes self-education, self innovation, self-improvement, and practically improves the effectiveness of League education.
Third, focus on innovation and highlight the characteristics of mechanical materials. Based on the professional characteristics, the College Youth League Committee carefully organizes campus scientific and technological cultural activities. Carry out such scientific and creative, practical and voluntary activities as the bridge structure design competition of "bridge seizing Tiangong", the mechanical domino design competition, the dubbing competition of "material and human vibrating, force regretting and reed releasing", the spring and winter exchange meeting of "material sub alliance" of seven universities in Nanjing, the voluntary service of Huang Longxian, and the series of activities of "family stories", so as to continuously improve the comprehensive quality and practical ability of young students.
Youth League Committee of agricultural science and Engineering College
Since its establishment two years ago, the Youth League Committee of the Chinese Academy of agriculture and industry has carried out various work in a steady, solid and innovative manner. The youth horse open course of the open faith course won the key project at the school level, the chorus competition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement won the first prize of the school, the Research Report on science and technology docking and poverty in Shiquan won the excellent research report on social practice in Jiangsu Province, and the Youth League Committee of the college won the advanced unit of social practice activities in the school.
One is thought leading, refreshing. Highlighting the main position of Youth League members, strengthening ideological and political education and value guidance, and combining with the themes of commemorating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China and the 100th anniversary of the May 4th movement, carrying out publicity and education activities on the themes of "youth's heart to the party, building a new era", "youth's confession of the motherland", "firm ideals and beliefs, feeling the common people", "ego into the big self, youth dedicated to the motherland", so as to strengthen the needle of education Validity, effectiveness and infectivity. Around the "open faith class" and building the "agricultural situation lecture room", the League branch has carried out more than 90 series of characteristic activities of open faith class, organized professional teachers, alumni representatives, young students, League cadres and so on to stand on the pulpit, with struggle stories and growth experience, to help League members and young people establish correct values and promote the internalization of socialist core values.
Second, growth and development, moisten things silently. We will actively implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and integrate labor education into the whole process of talent training. Through the "three integration" of professional education, ideological education and labor education, a sustainable, appropriate and timely "micro irrigation" mode has been built, and good education results have been achieved. In 2019, relying on the water-saving Park of Jiangning campus, the labor education practice base will be established, and credit elective will be expanded in combination with quality. The second classroom activity of labor education with discipline characteristics will be actively built for 35 times, realizing the full coverage of college students, and attracting the active participation of students inside and outside the school. We will create a "harvest festival in the river and sea", hold wheat cutting experience competition, scarecrow production activity, wheat wave rolling photography competition, "harvest celebration, birthday celebration" literary and art performance, harvest festival garden party, agricultural interesting sports meeting, agricultural situation and academic forum of young scholars in the river and sea, and display the achievements of labor education and education of the college.
Third, strengthen the foundation and improve the standards. We will carry out solid training in league affairs, focus on building a smart League, improve basic League affairs, and standardize the management of League members. We will strengthen the training of League cadres and improve the system for the selection and training of student cadres. Carry out regular management training activities to improve the working ability and comprehensive quality of student cadres. Using the peer guidance platform of the League branch, strengthen the education of new league members, help new students better understand, adapt to and integrate into university life, and become the "escort" of new league members.
General branch of business school 2018 undergraduate League
The business school's 2018 undergraduate League consists of 13 League branches, including 414 Communist Youth League members. Focusing on the work pattern of "uniting youth, serving the overall situation, being a good bridge, and strictly governing the league", the general branch of the League actively led the service of youth to grow into talents. It won 4 excellent League branches of Hehai University, 103 university level and above honorary titles, 82 provincial-level and above science and technology sports competition awards, and won the "my university 100 days" excellent theme group day activity of Hehai University.
First, strengthen ideological and political construction and guide young people to concentrate. Combined with the spirit of learning to strengthen the country and youth learning, the completion rate of each period of youth learning is more than 85%. In combination with the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, the 100th anniversary of the May 4th movement, the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up and other nodes, we carried out theme education activities such as chorus, MV recording of "love China", visit and study of the red base, etc. We have 25 student party members, 23 students of the school's 1442 project, and 40 students of the Academy's Qingma project. During the epidemic period, student party members held online group classes for more than 400 students through station B to talk about the great love in the prevention and control of the epidemic, expound the superiority of the socialist system, and lead young people to listen to and follow the party.
Second, build a youth growth platform to serve the overall situation. Hold 21 day fitness punch, psychological class meeting, career lecture, regular questionnaire survey, etc. to strengthen the physical and mental quality of young people. The organization will declare 38 innovative and entrepreneurial training projects, 11 "youth projects" and 10 "Internet plus" projects to enhance the quality of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship. 58 social practice projects were set up to explore in-depth in the fields of theoretical propaganda, national conditions investigation and social services, so as to promote the unity of knowledge and practice among young people. We will carry out make-up examination lectures and volunteer service in Phoenix health care center to promote the spirit of volunteerism. In the face of the epidemic, 24 students have participated in online education, village duty, hospital temperature measurement, community epidemic prevention publicity, etc., demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of the young generation with actions.
Third, we will promote party building and League building, and build a solid youth bridge. Leaders of the college contacted the League branches of 7 specialties through lectures on Party courses and participation in the League branch appraisal, etc.; 13 senior League affairs instructors did a good job of "mentoring" in the league; 13 graduating class party members helped to get through the adaptation period as tutors, and solidly promoted the construction of the party building with the league. There are 25 student party members, 105 party activists and 284 League members in the general League branch who have completed the party class. Strictly implement the "three meetings, two systems and one lesson" through the branch committee

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