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2020-04-27 3895951

Students from [Hohai University], who are enrolled in the fall of 2020, are awarded the master's degree in business analysis from National University of Singapore!!!!!!
Student's speech
About National University of Singapore
The National University of Singapore, founded in 1905, is located in Singapore. It is the world's leading university in Singapore. It was formerly known as the Straits colony and the federal government school of medicine of Malaya, and was later merged into the National University of Singapore by the University of Singapore and Nanyang University in 1980. The university enjoys a world-renowned reputation for its research in engineering, life sciences, biomedicine, social sciences and natural sciences. It is a member of the Pacific Rim University Alliance, the Asian University Alliance, the Asia Pacific International Education Association, the International Research University Alliance, Universitas 21 and other well-known university consortia. It has also passed AACSB and EQUIS certification.
Part of the application results of 2020 fall for the students of WBM (in continuous update, please scan the QR code below for specific details)
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≪ success cases & gt; only part of the application results of 2020 fall WBM students: Princeton 23 cases, Harvard 48 cases, MIT 44 cases, Stanford 36 cases, Cambridge 23 cases, Oxford 34 cases... (the above admission cases are all recorded by real name system and supervised by students and parents)
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