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Xu Wei dedicates youth and strives for growth

2020-05-03 3897016

Xu Wei, a 2017 level undergraduate majoring in Internet of things engineering in the school of Internet of things engineering under the Ministry of information science, is now the class monitor and former deputy director of Changzhou Campus Youth Volunteer Association. He Hai University has won the honorary titles of outstanding student cadres, outstanding communist Youth League members, outstanding volunteers, and top 100 students of "Haiyun Fenghua" of he Hai University.
Take part in prevention and control and protect the home
Facing the new crown epidemic, Xu Wei resolutely joined in the work of epidemic prevention and control. In response to the call of Shanghai, he participated in the anti epidemic work of Putuo District to support Huaqiao, and took temperature measurement and code application examination for the personnel entering Shanghai at the crossing from Huaqiao to Jiading District in Jiangsu Province to ensure the safety of the city. Due to the lack of medical protection materials, Xu Wei actively gave the protective clothing to the members of the same group, used raincoats to protect himself, actively participated in the prevention and control work, and insisted on contributing his own strength to the epidemic prevention work. In the class, Xu Wei conscientiously fulfilled the responsibilities of the monitor, actively cooperated with the college in carrying out various epidemic prevention work, reported information on time every day, held thematic class meeting, and organized activities such as cultural works collection.
Xu Wei devoted himself to the work of epidemic prevention and control, elaborated what is the volunteer spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress" with his own actions, and showed the responsibility and responsibility of contemporary youth. It is precisely because there are countless young soldiers who are brave to fight and willing to contribute that they can achieve a decisive victory in the fight against the epidemic.
Volunteer service and dedication to youth
Xu Wei's participation in the prevention and control of the epidemic is not a whim. Serving the society is his normal state. He has been actively participating in and organizing various voluntary service activities, and devoted his youth to serving the society.
He applied to be an assistant police officer, patrolled the city with the police, and contributed his share to the maintenance of social security; he organized a number of off campus volunteer activities such as the Hehai University volunteer team and the love blood donation team of Changzhou Metro Line 1, alleviated the pressure of grass-roots staff, and provided services and help for the public.
"I have organized and participated in several volunteer service activities since I was a freshman. Each activity is of great significance. While helping others, I have actually gained a lot. As a young student, we need to vigorously promote and inherit the spirit of volunteers. Only in this way can the society become more harmonious and happy."
Supporting education in the West and helping the poor
In June 2018, Xu Wei went to Huangyang primary school in Guizhou Province to carry out a two-week poverty alleviation activity in order to be an active participant in the national decisive battle to get rid of poverty and put the ideological and political theories, scientific and cultural knowledge learned by the university into practice.
Xu Wei paid a home visit to the poor students. According to the actual situation, he handed over the books and funds collected from Hehai University to the parents, helping the poor families reduce the economic pressure. He also carried out courses of interest in artificial intelligence, robotics, etc., which ignited the magic of science and technology in the hearts of children, and helped to combine poverty alleviation with intelligence support.
In the process of supporting education, Xu Wei always held a serious and rigorous attitude and worked hard to learn. Even if the time was only two weeks, he never lowered his requirements. For him, supporting education and poverty alleviation is a discipline, and also embodies his own value in the practice of the grass-roots line.
Rooted in rivers and seas, striving for growth
Besides volunteer activities, Xu Wei also has rich daily life. He loves sports and is good at basketball. He has made good achievements in the "he Hai Cup" basketball match.
In learning, he is a self-discipline person. Every night, he will go to the library to study for himself and review the knowledge he has learned in one day. "We must take diligence as our attitude". He thinks that procrastination and laziness are the poison of wasted life. If we want to become a better person, we must move and use every minute effectively.
Youth is for struggle. More than two years of river and sea time, let Xu Wei fade away childishness. Study hard, help the public and love sports, so that Xu Wei can make continuous progress. Xu Wei is striving to fulfill his original mission and show his responsibility in dedication.
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