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An analysis of the new biography of Hehai University

2020-05-03 3897056

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21 QQ group of new postgraduates 633635145
2021 new column for postgraduate entrance examination
Recently, many 21 students who are preparing for the exam consult which school to apply for, and launch the column of "2021 new biography school selection" at any door. Through the detailed introduction and interpretation of the school, professional ranking, report record ratio and real topic, etc., the most powerful guidance will be provided for your school selection.
East China: Fudan University, Shanghai University, Shanghai University of technology, Suzhou University, Nanjing Normal University, Anhui University, Donghua University, Zhejiang University, Nanchang University, Shanghai Foreign Studies University, Nanjing University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University
South China: Shenzhen University, Guangxi University, Jinan University, South China University of technology, Xiamen University, Zhongshan University
Central China: Hunan University Central University for Nationalities Hunan Normal University Central China University of science and technology
North China: Beijing Normal University, China Media University, Nankai University, China University of political science and law, Shandong University, Beijing Printing Institute, Zhengzhou University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China
Northeast China: Liaoning University Jilin University Dalian University of technology Northeast University of Finance and Economics
Northwest China: Northwest University, Shaanxi Normal University, Chang'an University
Southwest China: Southwest Jiaotong University Chongqing University Yunnan University Southwest University of political science and law
01 introduction to institutions
Hohai University University, referred to as "HHU", is a national key university directly under the Ministry of education with water conservancy as its feature, engineering as the main subject and multi-disciplinary coordinated development, which is jointly established by the Ministry of education, the Ministry of water resources, the State Oceanic Administration and the people's Government of Jiangsu Province. It is one of the first batch of national units with the three-level degree granting rights of doctor, master and bachelor. It is also a national "world-class discipline construction university" Colleges and universities with "211 Project" key construction, "985 project advantage discipline innovation platform" construction and establishment of graduate school were selected into national "111 plan", "excellent engineer education and training plan", National Undergraduate Innovation and entrepreneurship training plan, national construction high-level university graduate project, national new engineering research and Practice project, and Chinese government scholarship China's receiving institutions for international students, the National College Students' cultural quality education base, and the National College Students' practical education, innovation and entrepreneurship base.
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02 professional introduction
The Department of Journalism and communication of Hehai University was founded in 2002, formerly known as the Chinese teaching and Research Office of the Department of Social Sciences of Hehai University established in 1985. The discipline construction of Journalism and communication, presided over by the Department of Journalism and communication, began in the 1990s and has a history of more than 20 years. In 1996, our school set up the direction of "Ideological and political education and mass communication" in the master's office of Ideological and political education, and enrolled students every year since that year. In 2006, we obtained the right to grant the master's degree in communication science. After the enrollment of Communication Science in 2007, the enrollment in this direction stopped, and some graduate students in the school transferred to communication science for further study. In 2011, our school was approved as the first level discipline master's point of Journalism and communication, with the second level discipline master's point of Journalism and communication and the second level discipline master's point of communication. In 2012, we enrolled students according to the two second level disciplines of Journalism and communication. In 2019, the master's degree program of Journalism and communication was approved, and in 2020, it was officially enrolled.
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03 enrollment
In 2020, the total number of full-time recruits for journalism and communication (Professional Master) of Hehai University is 10, and it is planned to exempt 10. The total number of full-time recruits for journalism and communication (academic master) is 6, and it is planned to exempt 5.
04 faculty
There are 19 full-time teachers and 14 part-time teachers in this subject. Among them, there are 14 tutors for master's degree, and the proportion of senior professional titles is 50%, among which 7 are senior and 7 are deputy senior. The proportion of teachers with doctor's degree is 68%, and there are 7 full-time teachers with overseas study experience.
This discipline focuses on the development of new fields of news communication research and application research, forming three stable research directions of communication (Communication sociology, new media and social development), radio and television science and digital media (film and television communication, digital image communication), news communication practice (water environment communication, water science and technology communication, water culture communication), and in water culture and water science and technology The communication and monitoring of water conservancy public opinion have formed characteristics. In the past five years, it has undertaken 4 national level projects and 13 provincial and ministerial level projects. The total amount of scientific research funds is 11.68 million yuan, with an annual per capita scientific research fund of 93400 yuan.
05 fraction line
06 tuition
The payment standard for the major of Journalism and communication is 8000 yuan / year; the payment standard for the major of Journalism and communication is 10000 yuan / year
07 bibliography
621 theory and history of news communication 1. Guo Qingguang: course of communication (2nd Edition), China Renmin University Press, 2011, 2. Li Liangrong: introduction to Journalism (6th Edition), Fudan University Press, 2018, 3. Fang Hanqi: history of Chinese News Communication (3rd Edition), China Renmin University press, 2014 Liu Hailong, mass communication theory: paradigms and schools, Renmin University Press, 2008.
828 news communication practice
News interview and writing (key textbook of Ma Engineering), higher education press, 2019.
824 fundamentals of Journalism and communication 1. Guo Qingguang: course of communication (2nd Edition), China Renmin University Press, 2011; 2. Li Liangrong: introduction to Journalism (6th Edition), Fudan University Press, 2018.
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08 introduction of tutor
Shen Xiaojing
Doctor, Professor, Master Tutor
Research direction: new media communication, film and television communication, cultural communication
Zhang Jie
Professor, department head, discipline director, School of public management, Hehai University
Research direction: network interpersonal communication, urban communication, communication sociology, network sociology
Yu Hong
Associate Professor, master Supervisor
Research direction: media image construction, broadcasting and television language communication practice
Chen Wenyu
Associate Professor, master Supervisor
Research direction: cultural communication, audience of new media film and television
09 real topic of Hohai University 2020
10 real topic benefits
Wechat background reply: "Hehai University" receives
The real topic of the latest three years' postgraduate entrance examination of Hehai University
The fourth issue of public interest reading of any school is coming
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All star classes of any gate are in application
Previous selections 1 may 2020
In 2020, more than 240 students from any department will enter the retest, and the actual retest group will exceed 260.
Students from any school frequently get super high scores, such as 429 from Donghua, 420 from Northwest University, 419 from central ethnic group, 414 from China's politics and law, 412 from Shaanxi Normal University... Some small classes even have "amazing scores" of 100% in the re examination. Students from any class of 20 give a "super high score + cluster re examination" arrogant answer sheet. The whole class of level 21 officially started to register. This year, it's your turn to write a high score record.
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