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Chuang yuan from Hehai University won the title of "National Excellent Youth League member"

2020-05-04 3897144

On the occasion of the May 4th Youth Day, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League issued the decision on Commending "National Excellent Communist Youth League members", "National Excellent Communist Youth League cadres" and "National May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee (League branch)". Zhuang Yuan, a 2017 level master's student in business management of our school, was awarded the title of "National Excellent Communist Youth League member".
Mr. Zhuang Yuan is currently the executive chairman of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu student union and the vice chairman of the graduate student union of Jiangsu Province. He once served as the part-time Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Jiangsu University and the chairman of the student association of Jiangsu University. He is a student of the National Youth Marxist training engineering college class in 2019 and the 12th student of Jiangsu University elite talent school. He has been awarded the outstanding communist Youth League member of Jiangsu Province and the "three go to the countryside" of Jiangsu Province ”Advanced individual of social practice, outstanding student of "Haiyun Fenghua top 100" of Hehai University and other honorary titles have won the first prize of "Challenge Cup" Jiangsu college students' extracurricular academic works competition and the first prize of Jiangsu college students' career planning competition. Zhuang Yuan was once selected as a member of the Chinese youth volunteer graduate teaching group, and has been teaching in the Middle School of the 62nd group of the fourth division of the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps for one year. During the epidemic prevention and control period, Zhuang Yuan actively participated in community prevention and control work, participated in material distribution, station guard card and other services, and combined with the post to do a good job in publicity, education and public opinion guidance, showing the spirit of responsibility and excellent style of the youth in the new era.
Source: Youth League Committee
Editor: Liu Zhaoxin, reporter group of small conch; Bai Rong
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