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May 4th honor list - May 4th Red Flag League branch, Hehai University, 2019

2020-05-04 3897143

Since 2019, the League organizations at all levels of China have held high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, China has comprehensively implemented the spirit of the Thirteenth Party Congress and the relevant requirements of the higher level league organizations, and has made efforts to maintain and enhance the political, advanced and mass character, and strive to enhance the organization, leading, service and contribution of the league. 。 The League organizations at all levels, the league members and League cadres have worked together and made great achievements in the "double first class" construction of the school. They have given full play to the role of the new force and commandos, demonstrated the vigorous power of youth, and emerged a large number of advanced models.
Today, the construction achievements of the May 4th Red Flag Youth League branch of Hohai University in 2019 will be launched.
Group branch of No.1 class 2018 hydraulic engineering of water resources and hydropower University
The first group branch of 2018 level hydraulic engineering of hydropower station is a positive, United and enterprising group. In 2019, the League branch was appraised as "four-star League branch" and won the "excellent League branch" of Hehai University. The coverage rate of the branch and League members is 100%. There are 3 preparatory party members and 6 honorary titles such as excellent Communist Youth League member of Hehai University and excellent student pacesetter of Hehai University. In the aspect of Ideological and political construction, the League branch attaches great importance to theoretical study, actively learning Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with China's characteristics, cultivating and practicing socialist core values. The "one hundred days of my college days" day of the League was selected as the excellent League Day activity of Hohai University. In terms of learning style construction, nearly 70% of the members of the branch have a GPA of more than 4.0, and the passing rate of grade 4, grade 6 and computer grade 2 is the first. 13 people won awards in science and technology innovation and discipline competitions, and 27 people won various awards and bursaries. In terms of cultural construction, the Youth League branch won the first prize in chorus competition and psychological activity, 17 members won prizes in various competitions, and 2 dormitories won the title of "civilized dormitories". During the epidemic prevention and control period, all the members of the branch participated in microblogging and sunshine punch in. The topic reading amount reached 270000, and the discussion amount exceeded 1000. They wrote the anti epidemic confidence in words and helped the anti epidemic struggle with love.
Group branch of class 2 of 2016 Environmental Science (Sino foreign cooperative education) of Environmental College
The Youth League branch of 2016 environmental science class II of the environmental protection institute has always strengthened the ideological and political guidance work, paid attention to the role of model demonstration and guidance, emerging advanced models such as Zheng Tianming, winner of Yan Kai scholarship and national scholarship, and Chen Sijia, one of the top ten volunteers of the school. It has developed 5 CPC members and 2 outstanding League cadres of the school. The branch has been awarded the excellent League branch of the University for three consecutive years, the second class of environmental science has been awarded the excellent academic atmosphere class in 2018 and the "Zhang Wentian" class in 2019. In terms of study style construction, the passing rate of CET-4 and the passing rate of the second classroom report card have reached 100%, 40% of the students with grade point 4.0 or above, and 47% of the students with overseas communication experience. In the aspect of scientific and technological innovation practice, 15 students have completed their innovation and entrepreneurship training, 10 have won the university level and above discipline competition awards, 9 have published papers, 1 team has won the national level recognition of social practice, and 5 teams have won the provincial recognition.
Group branch of 2017 first class of electrical engineering, School of energy and electrical engineering
There are 34 League members in the group branch of 2017's class I electrical engineering division of the energy and electricity institute. Since its establishment, the Youth League branch has been actively uniting and leading the youth to gather the sense of striving for the first place, fulfill the responsibilities of educating, managing and serving the league members, constantly strengthen and improve the construction of the branch, and strive for the goal of excellent League organization. Guided by the ideological construction, the branch and the league members are guided to keep a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee in thinking and action, and carry out in-depth ideal and faith education activities such as "commemorating the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement" themed League Day activities and open faith classes; with organizational construction as the link, the branch actively implements "three meetings, two systems and one lesson", and adheres to "three meetings are normalized, two systems are fully covered, and one lesson has bright spots" ”It has successfully completed the League affairs such as the promotion of excellence, League member appraisal and so on. The coverage rate of "smart League building" has reached 100%. With the construction of learning style as the cornerstone, it has carried out the "Tongzhuo plan" to effectively improve the overall learning participation of the branch. The learning atmosphere within the branch has become increasingly strong, with an average total credit score of 3.87, ranking the forefront of the major. It has been awarded the title of excellent style class by Hehai University for two consecutive years With cultural cultivation as the core, the league members are always concerned about their extracurricular life, organized to participate in all kinds of recreational and sports activities, encouraged to volunteer, mobilized to participate in social practice, and actively created a characteristic dormitory culture. The periodic qualification rate of the branch's second classroom report card reaches 100%. Looking forward to the future, the branch will further strengthen the position construction, help League members to build up their ideals and beliefs, improve their political literacy, enhance their professional ability and improve their comprehensive quality.
School of computer and information science, information science department
It is an advanced and cohesive group composed of 27 members in the group branch of the 2017 communication class 4 of the school of information science. The members of the branch are united, cooperative and brave in exploring, and the vitality of the branch is constantly improving. The Youth League branch has actively implemented the "three meetings, two systems and one course" system, and led the Youth League members to actively approach the party organization. At present, there are three formal party members, two preparatory party members and 11 active party members. With the ideological construction as the focus of the work, the branch carried out activities such as visiting the memorial hall of Meiyuan New Village, film watching activities such as "inheriting the spirit of the ancestors and strengthening the ideals and beliefs", and knowledge competition such as "not forgetting the original mind and remembering the mission" to improve the comprehensive quality of the members of the branch. Combined with the characteristics of the major, we will carry out activities such as "brainstorming, dream building, future building" experience exchange meeting, and "Zhuo" plan. We will provide one-on-one support for students with academic difficulties, and continue to strengthen the construction of learning style. In 2019, the branch members won 26 scholarships, 17 honorary titles and 19 science and technology competitions. The branch continuously strengthened cultural construction and carried out voluntary activities of "warm in winter and sunset in love" to enhance the cohesion of the branch. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the League branch responded to the school's call, actively implemented various prevention and control work, carried out the theme activity of "unite as one, unite to fight against the epidemic", and guided the league members to consciously shoulder the historical mission given by the times.
Group branch of 2017's third class of Surveying and mapping, School of Geoscience and Engineering
Based on the tenet of "leading youth, uniting youth, organizing youth and serving youth", and relying on the "smart League Construction" system, the group branch of 2017's class three surveying and mapping class of the local college continuously strengthens the infrastructure construction, implements the "three meetings, two systems and one course" system, develops 2 Party members, trains 10 activists to join the party, builds 6 characteristic dormitories, and has a solid foundation in league affairs. Actively organize and carry out a series of thematic education activities, combining with the time nodes of the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China and the 100th anniversary of the May 4th movement, with the theme of "I and my league branch", "starting from the research area to realize your life", "being close to people in Pingyu", "being young and striving", etc., focus on holding a series of open classes on faith, literacy and dreams, and strengthen ideological guidance. Through the implementation of the "special branch + Interest Group" project mechanism, the establishment of branch mutual assistance group, the participation of class tutors in career planning, the formulation of dormitory regulations, the holding of "no suspension of classes" online note evaluation, online self-study room and other ways during the epidemic period, the multi pronged efforts were made to grasp the style of study, promote innovation and strengthen the construction of the style of study. We will implement the joint construction mode of "League Learning + community", encourage League members to actively participate in volunteer activities such as "love staying in the sunset, care for the elderly", "science popularization of first aid knowledge", "baijiahu volunteer trip" and sports events such as Gaochun marathon. Meanwhile, we will create the activity mode of "League Learning + practice", actively participate in social practice in combination with professional knowledge, and win the honorary titles of top ten teams and outstanding individuals in the province. The branch has been awarded the excellent League branch of the school twice and the May Fourth Red Flag League branch once.
Group branch of robot class 1, 2018, School of mechanical and electrical engineering
The group branch of the first class robot of mechanical and Electrical Institute in 2018 is a group branch with cohesion as the core and vitality for development. 31 members of the group branch are united, friendly and grow together. The Youth League branch adheres to the system of three meetings, two systems and one lesson, and regularly carries out theme group day activities. The Youth League branch has held 16 volunteer service activities and over 30 individual volunteer services on average. Harvest the gorgeous autumn, forge the same heart. The branch regularly promotes activities in the official account and shows the elegant demeanor of the branch, so that students can understand the branch and enhance their sense of belonging. The League branch has an orderly internal organization, unity and mutual assistance, with a pass rate of 100% at level 4, 16 with a GPA of 4.0 or above, and 18 with honors at school level or above. Guard the warmth of winter and fight the epidemic hand in hand. In the new crown epidemic, the League branch also made its own efforts to fight the epidemic. The League branch carries out the "concentric warfare epidemic" theme League Day activities online, popularizes epidemic prevention knowledge, and encourages League members to make contributions to epidemic prevention within their capabilities. Members of the branch voluntarily participate in community volunteer service and make posters to shoot films and TV works to transfer positive energy. Embrace the beauty of the four seasons and forge ahead with them. At the beginning of the four seasons, in this way, all members of the League branch will seize the day and never lose the time.
Youth League branch, class 3, mathematics, 2019, College of Science
The Youth League branch of class 3 mathematics class 2019 of the College of science adheres to the principles of advocating morality and learning, seeking knowledge clearly, and carrying out the work of branch construction actively. The branch regularly carries out theoretical learning, standardizes the promotion of excellence by the branch, "three meetings, two systems and one course", and actively organizes and carries out "Youth Learning". Carry out various theme group courses to improve the ideological and theoretical level of League members. The branch, in close combination with professional learning, establishes a learning exchange group, carries out peer exchange activities of "small group with micro class", organizes and carries out a series of lectures on the light of science and life of science for many times, and carries out activities such as the level-4 and level-6 simulation examination, "21 day learning bully cultivation plan". Nearly 50% of the students with a performance point of 4.0 or above in the branch, and 52% of the students with a score of 500 or above in the fourth level. The branch also actively held photography competition, dubbing competition, "ice breaking" class meeting, science and technology museum visit and other special activities. The branch has won more than 10 collective honors and more than 60 awards of various levels.
Business school marketing class 1 group branch 2017
The League branch of the first class of 2017 marketing class of business school adheres to the principle of uniting efforts, and actively guides the members of the branch to strive for a good youth with ideals, abilities and responsibilities in the new era. In terms of theoretical learning, we have adopted various learning forms such as topic interaction and knowledge exchange to solidly promote the theoretical learning of the League branch. The participation rate of "youth big learning" is 100%, and the series of "open faith class" activities are fully covered, closely following the important time nodes of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China and the 100th anniversary of the May 4th movement. We have carried out theme activities for 15 times, with 405 participants 。 In terms of system construction, strictly implement the "three meetings, two systems and one lesson", and innovatively set up the system of award and evaluation, network civilization, self-discipline and mutual assistance, so as to comprehensively improve the management capacity of the branch. In terms of League learning activities, the branch independently carried out one-to-one support activities, with the average performance point of the students being helped increased by 0.5; organized quality expansion activities such as traditional culture and outdoor sports, and improved the cohesion of the branch. Under the rich theoretical learning, innovative management system and warm group learning activities, the branch has achieved fruitful results: the average GPA is 4.01, the passing rate of CET-4 is 96%, the passing rate of the second classroom is 96.3%, the members of the branch have won 62 school level and above honors, 78 college level honors, four-star League branch for two consecutive years, and excellent League branch of Hehai University for three consecutive years.
Youth League branch of 2018 ideological and political class I of Marxism College
The Youth League branch of 2018 ideological and political class I of Ma Yuan adheres to the principle of "unity, striving and studious"

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