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Effect of rubber flexible joint

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The heat-resistant rubber expansion joint is also a rubber with good low temperature resistance and temperature resistance. It is impossible to produce continuous transformation when exposed to very low temperature. It is made of high temperature resistant emulsion paint. Because the carbon chain in silicone rubber is a special rubber with silicon and oxygen as molecules. Silicon element has the characteristics of heat resistance and normal application under certain ultra-low temperature. It is a better low temperature and temperature resistant rubber at this stage. Its low temperature resistance is excellent, and its normal application temperature is also - 60 ℃. It digests and absorbs the vibration and noise of the pipeline at room temperature and under the condition of vacuum pump. It is composed of inner rubber layer and raising layer. It is composed of double-layer rubber scraping acrylic cord fabric and outer rubber layer composite rubber pipe. Phenyl silicone rubber, silicone rubber is exposed to very low temperature, and it is impossible to produce continuous transformation. After returning to the indoor temperature, the rubber can get its original physical properties again.

The ways to improve wear resistance through formula design are as follows: CIS polybutadiene rubber is better under harsh conditions; Add activated carbon black with small particles to improve wear resistance; The white filler should be 20 nm white carbon black. Softener shall be used as operation aid to help the dispersion of filler. Generally, it shall not exceed 5 parts; Adding antioxidant can improve the aging resistance of rubber and indirectly improve the wear resistance. Under general environmental conditions, antioxidant aw has the best wear resistance in natural rubber, followed by antioxidant D + 4010 and antioxidant D + H.

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