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What's the difference between sanding, plucking, scratching and brushing

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Three differences

Fleece and fleece are the same concept, that is, the same process. The equipment used is a fleece machine. The steel needle roller is used to pull out the micro fibers in the fabric yarn to form the surface fluff effect. The specific products include flannelette and silver hydroxy tweed. The fleece process is also called "fluffing".

The equipment used in the sanding process is a sanding machine, which uses rollers such as sandskin, carbon and ceramics to grind the micro fibers in the fabric yarn to form the surface fluff effect. Compared with the roughing products, the sanding fluff is short and dense, and the wool feeling is very delicate. The specific products include sanding yarn card, sanding house silk and peach skin velvet. Some sanding products do not look obvious, but the hand feeling is greatly improved.

The bristle is mainly a special process for corduroy, because the fluff of corduroy is to cut the weft yarn of the surface tissue, break up the yarn through the bristle and form a closed velvet strip. The equipment used is a bristle machine, which is generally equipped with 8 ~ 10 hard brushes and 6 ~ 8 crawler soft brushes. The thick corduroy also needs to be brushed after brushing. In addition to the hard and soft brushes, the rear bristle machine is also equipped with wax plate, which waxes the fluff at the same time during the brushing process, making the corduroy strip shiny, Therefore, the rear bristling machine is also called waxing machine.

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