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The performance characteristics and application of agricultural organic silicon

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Agricultural silicone is mainly composed of ethoxy-modified trisiloxane, which is a special silicone surfactant modified by polyether.

It has low surface tension, spreadability, permeability and emulsification and dispersibility, and is easily soluble in methanol, isopropanol, acetone, xylene and methylene chloride.

main feature:

Super spreadability, excellent permeability, efficient systemic absorption and conductivity, resistance to rain washing, easy to mix, high

Degree of safety and stability.

1. Enhance the adhesion of chemical solution and increase the utilization rate of pesticide

2. Excellent wetting and expansion, increase coverage and improve pesticide efficacy

3. Promote the penetration of systemic agents through the stomata and improve the resistance to rain erosion

4. Reduce the amount of spray, rationally save medicine and water, save labor and time

5. Reduce pesticide residues and reduce pesticide loss.

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