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The organic silicon industry chain reappears in price increase; the turnover of the two cities hits the recent land volume, the agency predicts a sharp drop or is nearing the end

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The head of the Department of Consumer Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce introduced the situation of my country's consumer market from January to February 2021 on the 16th and said that the consumer market continued its upward trend since the fourth quarter of last year in the first two months of this year. Due to the low base last year, the total retail sales of consumer goods across the country showed a substantial increase. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, circulation companies, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, still have many operational difficulties, and residents' consumption is still restricted, and efforts to promote consumption still need to be stepped up. With the steady improvement of my country's epidemic prevention and control situation, and the implementation of various policies and measures, it is expected that the consumer market will continue to show a recovery growth trend in the later period.

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