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The No. 1 leading stock of organic silicon, the current price is 6.2 yuan, the board will be closed in the late trading, and the full position will be bought on Thursday

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When the stock price rose and fell, the price completed a wave of rebound. Then even after the stock price drops, trading opportunities still exist.

In fact, the high volume signal of low price is the process of major investors taking stocks to open positions. After many positions have been opened, the stock price will not end its upward trend easily. At this time, we still have the opportunity to build a position and follow the main force to get a return on investment.

The figure shows that there is clearly a signal of heavy volume in the figure, and the short-term performance of the stock price is very strong. At this time, the stock has the basis for further gains.

Although the bargaining chip pattern shows, the double peak bargaining chip has appeared at a high price. However, as the adjustment progresses and the main force continues to complete the second or even third position building process, the stock will have a strong foundation.

When the price obviously rises and falls, the H position is an important top area. After the stock price fell, the main force was determined to open a position during the price correction.

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