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Silicone prices rise, this week compared with last week, 500 yuan per ton

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The reporter learned from Baichuan Information that the domestic silicone market price has started to pick up this week after experiencing low-price promotions at the bottom of last week. The current price of organic silicon products has risen, and the state of shipment has improved. At present, the main basic product DMC mainstream price is 16500-17000 yuan / ton, and the actual transaction price is 16000-16500 yuan / ton.

Organic silicon prices have risen. The mainstream quotation of raw rubber suppliers is 17,500-18,000 yuan / ton, and the market price has reached 17,000-17500 yuan / ton. The market price of 107 glue suppliers is 16500-17000 yuan / ton, and the market transaction price is 16000-16500 yuan / ton. Compared with last week's average increase of about 500 yuan / ton, the recent start of the company has been stable, and the short-term market performance is mainly stable.

It is understood that recently, the DMC price of a single plant has been raised by 800 yuan / ton straight. The organic silicon market has been replenished in the middle and lower reaches. The manufacturers have fully supported the price and officially started the price increase.

According to analysis, the domestic silicone market started in June at a low to medium level, and overhaul or shutdown of multiple devices made supply low. Among them, Jiangsu Hongbo and Shanxi Sanjia stopped the entire line, Jiangxi Spark still kept a low start-up load, Zhongtian Chemical is in maintenance status, Luxi has a capacity of 80,000 tons, and Inner Mongolia Hengye has a parking capacity of 240,000 tons per year. .

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