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What is silicone canvas

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Silicone cloth is a kind of rainproof or moisture-proof, moisture-proof and cold-proof silicone cloth made by special skills. It is usually a plastic-coated cloth part. It is produced by fiber fabrics and chemical industry injection materials through dipping, coating, scraping, baking, cold and other manufacturing processes. The size of the plastic coated rainproof silicone cloth is made of high-strength polyester polyester fabric, high-quality resin powder, plasticizer, stabilizer, and a small amount of calcium powder. It is used for rain and mildew resistance, and is famous for its light weight, high tensile law, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, simple washing and folding. Silicone cloth is a thicker cotton or hemp fabric. It was named after its initial use in sails. Usually we use plain weave, appropriate use of twill weave, warp and weft yarns use multiple strands. Silicone cloth is often divided into two types: coarse silicone cloth and fine silicone cloth. Coarse silicone cloth is also called tarpaulin. The fabric is strong and durable, and it has good waterproof performance. It is used for automobile transportation and the storage of open storage racks and tents in the field.

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