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Dongyue Group: intends to split the organic silicon back to the A market and the interim net profit drops by 30%

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Dongyue Group: planned to split silicone back to A Uehara Title: Dongyue Group (00189.HK): planned to split silicone back to A listing, stock price rose more than 5%, interim net profit fell 30% Source: Green Dragon Exchange

On November 4, Dongyue Group (00189.HK) released the latest news announcement on the proposed spin-off of Dongyue Silicone's independent listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company announced that the company had as early as March 39, October 12, and November 12 2018. A related announcement was issued on October 15, and a recommendation circular was issued on October 15, 2018. The CSRC is currently reviewing the application for the proposed spin-off.

Or due to this, the Dongyue Group rose sharply by more than 12% at the beginning of the opening day, but the stock price did not continue to be boosted, and then fell back. At the close, it rose 5.24% to HK $ 4.02, with an amplitude of 11.52% and a turnover of 1.37 Billion Hong Kong dollars, the latest total market value is 8.489 billion Hong Kong dollars.

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Proposed to be listed on A Growth Enterprise Market

According to the data, Dongyue Group is the largest fluorosilicon material production base in Asia, a leading fluorosilicon industry in China, and China's first fluorosilicon material industrial park. It is the home and abroad of Daikin, Mitsubishi, Haier, Hisense, and Gree. Suppliers, principally engaged in the manufacture, distribution and sale of refrigerants, polymer materials, silicones and dichloromethane, polyvinyl chloride and caustic soda and others.

In addition, the Group is also engaged in property development business and has established the Shandong Dongyue HFC-23 Decomposition Project to decompose certain greenhouse gases generated during the production process, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The proposed Dongyue Silicone is mainly engaged in the production and sales of silicone products. According to previous announcements, Dongyue Silicone's net profit before tax for 2016-2017 was 60.735 million yuan and 402 million yuan respectively; Net profit after the year was 44.033 million yuan and 285 million yuan; as of the end of 2017, the net asset value was 743 million yuan. City Interim Net Profit Drops 30%

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