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Journal of Hehai University (PHILOSOPHY AND SOCIAL SCIENCES EDITION) No.2 contents in 2020

2020-05-02 3896875

Contents of the second issue in 2020
Marxist Theory
On the background, core proposition and governance strategy of Xi Jinping's global governance concept
Hua Yong
Xi Jinping's philosophical implication of "people centered" Important Exposition
Huang Xinquan, Li Jianjun
◆ the course, experience and future trend of 70 years' socialist ideology construction in New China
He Mei
Major public security and smart governance
Novel coronavirus pneumonia: Legal Thinking on the choice of information disclosure in public enterprises and institutions
Lu Haibo, Meng Hongzhi
◆ value logic, practice path and ethical reflection of blockchain enabling disaster and epidemic governance
Hu Rui
◆ application and Prospect of big data in prevention and control of major epidemics
Mei Xiaoya, Zhao Linchang
Economy and management
Innovation efficiency and spillover effect of Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration Based on innovation value chain
Song Min, Zou Shengrui, Wang Qian
Research on Evaluation of technology spillover effect of government science and technology plan
Zhang Lei, LV Xiaohuan
◆ research on the operation mechanism and evolution development of digital economic ecosystem based on Lotka Volterra model
Meng Fanglin, Tian zengrui, Yao Xin
Research on Shapley value distribution of higher education resources based on Bankruptcy model
Wei Zhen, Li Dengfeng, Yu Gaofeng
Environment and society
◆ the historical and social impact of "98 housing reform": Based on the perspective of interest differentiation
Fang Changchun
The game analysis and policy enlightenment of the evolution of petition system
Yan Qing
◆ practical logic and optimization path of local government mobilization water environment governance from the perspective of ecological Embeddedness
Luo Yajuan
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