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What is the shampoo without wow oil, how about the daisy brand

2020-05-02 3896857

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Note: silicone free shampoo is transparent.
1: Olive: the protective film that is easy to be absorbed by the skin on the surface, effectively resist various skin problems caused by cold, dryness and pore blockage. Wechat; 17596031673
2: coconut oil: the main note is small, easy to hold in water, conditioning acid-base stability, foam, strong decontamination, antistatic. Softness
3: Glycerin: it can store the moisture of hair, improve the activity, resist oxidation and promote the healthy lubrication of hair.
4: Laurel: it's a good tonic for hair and scalp. It can stimulate hair growth and remove dandruff.
5: Citric acid: the main function is to accelerate the horny renewal. Wechat; 17596031673

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