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Messe in Paris Fashion Week

2020-03-08 3890013

At 14:00 p.m. Paris time on February 27, 2020, the Chinese high-end hairdressing brand meadows and nehera, the official show brand of Paris fashion week, had a collision between Chinese and foreign fashion and culture. The show was held in the Bastille design center in Paris, with the theme of "what remains", and was warmly sought after by the top international fashion media, international fashion industry buyers, well-known European bloggers and fashion KOLs.
As the official hair sponsor of the nehera Fashion Week show, medose provides hair styling and product support for the show. While delivering the latest hair styling information, it realizes the collision between European fashion and China's high-end hair styling brands, and shows the hair styling creativity combined with China and Europe.
Paris fashion week has been the first fashion week in the world for hundreds of years, and it is at the top of the fashion pyramid. The show brands on the official list of Paris fashion week are also recognized by the top fashion brands in the industry. Therefore, the combination with the official list brands of Paris Fashion Week is also a big recognition of the strength of Chinese brands.
Nehera, the official show brand of Paris fashion week, was established in 1930 as an old European fashion brand. As a former Hermes designer, Samuel drira laid the foundation of the brand's minimalist silhouette style. The brand is accustomed to the international top fabric for three-dimensional cutting, which is recognized and loved by Paris Fashion Association.
The brand nehera joins hands with meadows to support this season's fashion feast. MEDOS Messe brings intensive repair essential oil Quintet gift box to Paris fashion week. MEDOS essential oil quintet is produced by MEDOS Paris research and development center. The essential oil is portable and carried by small support. The makeup and hair stylist quickly repairs the damaged hair for the model. Five different magic anvils have five different exclusive effects, corresponding to different emergency scenes.
International models go to the show all the year round to do modeling, which will inevitably hurt the hair. Therefore, in addition to the essential oil of Medusa Quintet, the models also use Medusa amino acid fluffy shampoo. Mild amino acid system, clean scalp, skin friendly 0 silicone oil formula, protect scalp. The technology of hair puffing brings back the feeling of fullness. The hair is thick and fluffy with its own style, which also reveals the secret of the charming and shining hair of supermodels.
Mido ribbon you realize the dream of supermodel girl!
Cross city biculture focuses on the exchange of Chinese and foreign fashion culture. This activity is facilitated and implemented by cross city biculture. Please look forward to the shining moment of more excellent Chinese brands in the international fashion stage in the future.

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