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Compared with lipstick and bag, these are the gifts women want most

2020-03-08 3890012

Wen / Bai Wei Jun (WeChat official account: Wu Xiaobo channel)
Today is March 8 women's day. First of all, I wish all women a happy women's Day!
Baijiangjun thought that instead of shouting such empty slogans as "women can hold up half the sky" on the Internet, he would listen to their voices and needs carefully, so he chatted with several female friends around him.
Mr. Baijiang found that they would choose to buy some gifts for themselves and reward themselves in today's promotion and price reduction.
So what do they want most? Mr. Baijiang asked each of them to choose two gifts they would like to get today. Come and see if there is the same one you like. By the way, copy the homework.
Early spring is full of new energy
Today is the last day of spring's rejuvenation. You can pick up many hot tea, reduce fat, eat delicious food, disinfect magic utensils for a limited time. At 8 o'clock tonight, there is also a super value second kill There's a surprise for ordering during the activity.
A maximum of 95 yuan less for shopping after receiving vouchers
Top cashmere 4% off
Fit8 light meal substitute
Protein is an important raw material for human tissue renewal and repair. Properly increase the intake of protein, reduce the intake of carbohydrate and fat, can play the role of weight loss.
An ffit8 meal protein bar contains high-quality protein 8g-11g, which is equivalent to 2 boxes of milk. Considering the lactose intolerant constitution, fit8 custom developed WPI separation whey protein powder, lactose intolerant people can also eat at ease.
In order to prevent obesity due to sucrose intake, oligo isomaltose was selected to replace sucrose in ffit8. Oligo isomaltose is rich in water-soluble dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and reduce intestinal burden.
Different from the traditional tasteless protein bar, ffit8 protein bar doesn't taste boring. It has a variety of flavors such as chocolate, coconut, cheese, cookies and so on. It tastes like a snack.
An ffit8 protein bar can provide balanced nutrition support for the body instead of a meal. After eating, it can be full for 4 hours, and the calories are only about 120 calories. Compared with the meal, the calories saved are equivalent to 1 hour jogging / 12000 steps walking.
More than 10000 people have been recruited to test their products. Participants in the test used protein bars to replace meals, and the final result was that the average weight of meat per person per day dropped 2.8 Jin!
Low calorie and full stomach, no guilt for gluttony
(activity time: from now on to March 10)
Hu Qingyu Tang Dendrobium anti-aging facial mask
Many working people long time to the computer, plus pressure, the skin will easily grow fine lines and become loose. At this time, we should sacrifice the anti aging artifact: Hu Qingyu Dendrobium anti aging mask.
The core ingredient of this mask is Dendrobium solution, which contains rich colloidal and active polysaccharides. The gum helps the skin form collagen. Polysaccharides help activate the dormant cells of the human body and make the epidermis full and shiny.
At the same time, the essence of the mask is added with the extract of Coix seed, Bletilla striata, polygonatum odoratum, pearl, and sodium hyaluronate, which has the effects of clearing away heat, relieving inflammation, replenishing water and strengthening the skin barrier.
Hu Qing Yu Tang's mask refuses to add unsafe ingredients. It promises 0 alcohol, 0 pigments, 0 hormones, 0 silicone oil and 0 antibiotics.
The mask paper is made of silk. The thickness is only 1/3 of traditional non-woven fabric mask. The tailoring is also in line with the face of the Chinese people. It is applied to the face of the Dendrobium mask. It is skin and breathable. It is refreshing and sticky.
Anti aging and soothing for sensitive muscles
(activity time: from now on to March 10)
Delphi combined ironing machine
Delma's ironing machine is a combination of a hand-held steam hanging ironing machine and a flat ironing base, which can not only press the straight clothes, but also has a light and portable hand-held hanging ironing machine.
The steam temperature of some small hanging ironing machines is only 130 ℃ - 140 ℃. It is very difficult to iron stubborn wrinkles. The steam of the Delma ironing machine reaches 180 ℃, and the wrinkles are ironed out.
This ironing machine adopts a new micro supercharging technology. The steam instant pressure after supercharging is up to 0.5bar, which can efficiently penetrate heavy clothes and make the steam reach the deep fiber.
In order to avoid water stains caused by steam condensation on clothes, Delphi has set up an intelligent preheating system, which starts the water pump after preheating for 25 seconds to avoid steam condensation and release dry steam.
The cast iron panel of ordinary electric iron is easy to burn clothes. The Delma ironing machine adopts ceramic glaze aluminum alloy panel, which is smooth and does not damage clothes.
In addition to ironing wrinkles, high temperature steam can also play a role in killing mites. The test report shows that the Delma ironing machine can achieve a sterilization rate of 99.99%, which can effectively kill Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans.
After going out to work or shopping, you can sweep your coat several times with high-temperature steam, which can greatly reduce the retention of bacteria on your clothes. Plush dolls and other toys are easy to breed bacteria, and can also be cleaned and sterilized by ironing machine.
Just like a mini hair dryer, the hand-held hanging ironing machine weighs only 740g, and can not take up much space for luggage, so it is also convenient for business trip.
Two in one flat ironing and hanging ironing, making the best of both ironing and disinfection
(activity time: from now on to March 10)
Luofei dot Bluetooth mechanical keyboard - blooming
Who says mechanical keyboard is the only one for boys? Lofey has created a mechanical keyboard for girls, which can help them to work.
LOFI added lipstick to the keyboard, with 79 buttons using 79 different color codes. Red mouth into a round retro key hat, which girl can stand it?
Different from the dullness of ordinary keyboard made of plastic frosted material, the body of this keyboard adopts exquisite electroplating technology and gorgeous rose gold coating, which always radiates light.
LOFI's keyboard performance is not to be underestimated. Its axis body adopts the domestic green axis with fever level, which is very neat and crisp when typing. It is not tired for a long time to play games and code words.
Many mechanical keyboards on the market are wired and cannot support Mac and IOS systems. LOFI's mechanical keyboard can be freely switched between different systems of windows / Mac and Android / IOS.
The keyboard also supports Bluetooth, wireless, wired and other connection methods. Bluetooth is used to connect mobile devices, wireless and wired to connect computers, and simultaneous connection between multiple devices is realized.
The keyboard also has a white backlight, and the backlight brightness of 4th gear can also be adjusted to meet the needs of various environments. The built-in 4000mAh large capacity lithium battery can be used continuously for 3 months without backlight.
Red key cap, Rose Gold Plated body
(activity time: from now on to March 10)
Adopt a cow colostrum powder
This year's epidemic makes us realize that our own immunity is the key to fight against the virus. It is very necessary to improve our immunity.
In addition to proper exercise, dietary supplement is also an important way to enhance immunity. What do you eat for tonic? Baijiangjun recommends colostrum, because it is rich in a variety of immune factors, which can enhance human immunity.
The colostrum powder of a adopted cow contains as much as 26% immunoglobulin, that is to say, every 100g milk powder contains 26G active immunoglobulin!
Active immunoglobulin is the main force to complete our body's immune regulation, promote growth and development, improve aging symptoms, and inhibit a variety of bacteria. People with low immunity can drink colostrum to enhance the body's resistance.
The colostrum powder is very delicate and can be directly poured into the mouth to eat dry, not sweet and greasy, rich in milk flavor. It can also be brewed with warm water below 40 ℃, and the water temperature should not be too high, so as to avoid damaging the activity of immunoglobulin.
If you are not used to eating colostrum powder alone, you can also put it in the cold congee, or mix it with milk and yogurt.
This colostrum powder, very intimate use of a small independent packaging, a can of 30, bubble up very convenient. Professionals can also put a few bags in the office, and remember to care for themselves when working overtime.
26% active immunoglobulin
(activity time: from now on to March 10)
Wanshutang brewed tea gift box
People who like to drink tea know that Pu'er tea is generally divided into two categories: raw Pu'er tea and cooked Pu'er tea. Now there is a new kind of tea: fresh Pu'er.
This is a new kind of tea created by wanshutang and scientists of Chinese Academy of Sciences. After tea fermentation, it skips the two processes of high-temperature drying and autoclave forming used by traditional Pu'er tea, and retains the flavor of fresh fermented tea to the maximum extent, also known as "fresh brewed tea".
The origin of this fresh brewed tea is the famous "holy land" of Pu'er, Mengku Icelandic tea area. The ancient tea trees here grow under the clouds and sunshine in the deep mountains. The nutrients and flavors in tea are incomparable with those of ordinary tea trees.
The fresh brewed tea keeps the same warm and mellow taste of Pu'er tea, and the flavor has been upgraded - the traditional Pu'er has lost the moldy taste, and the flavor is more fresh and pure; the tea soup is more rubber texture, mellow and not astringent, and sweet and fresh.
In order to meet people's different needs of flavor level, wanshutang fresh brewed tea has two flavors, semi fermentation and full fermentation.
This fresh brewed tea can be made hot or cold. Take advantage of the present to prepare a few boxes, taste the fresh and remove the greasiness, and drink a good look!
The Pu'er tea brewed and drunk has amazed countless tea drinkers
(activity time: from now on to March 10)
(statement: This article only represents the author's point of view, not Sina's point of view.)

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