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Application of tetramethoxysilane (methyl orthosilicate)

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Tetramethoxysilane is a kind of organic silicon compound, which contains organic groups composed of silicon oxygen bonds, such as Si or.

Tetramethoxysilane is a colorless low viscosity liquid. It is the most important tetraalkoxy silicon in industry.

Tetramethoxysilane is very easy to hydrolyze. After contacting with water, it can hydrolyze with water without any acid-base catalyst. After hydrolysis, the silanol group is formed, and the silanol group is quickly dehydrated to obtain a stable (- Si-O-Si -) structure.

Tetramethoxy silane is commonly used in silica aerogels, molecular sieves and MQ resins, and is used as crosslinking agent for RTV. It can also be used as an intermediate for sol-gel reaction.

Tetramethoxysilane can be used alone, after dilution, or as a component of formulated products. Used in natural stone or other building materials, it can form silica sol similar inorganic substances (SiO2) to enhance the strength of the substrate.

In glass and plastic lens materials, tetramethoxysilane can provide super hard scratch resistant coatings.

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