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Research Report on market operation status and investment direction of methyl phenyl silicone oil industry in China

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This report, produced by China Economic Research Institute, makes a specific analysis on the development status, competition pattern and market supply and demand situation of China's phenyl silicone oil industry, and analyzes the opportunities and challenges faced by the industry from the aspects of policy environment, economic environment, social environment and technical environment. It also focuses on the operation status and development pattern of key enterprises, and makes a professional prediction of the development trend of the industry in the next few years. Provide professional guidance and suggestions for enterprises, scientific research, investment institutions and other units to understand the latest development trends and competition pattern of the industry and grasp the future development direction of the industry.

The data of this research report mainly adopts national statistical data, General Administration of customs, questionnaire survey data, data collected by the Ministry of Commerce and other databases. Among them, the macroeconomic data are mainly from the National Bureau of statistics, the statistical data of some industries are mainly from the National Bureau of statistics and market research data, the enterprise data are mainly from the statistical database of large-scale enterprises of the National Bureau of statistics and stock exchanges, and the price data are mainly from various market monitoring databases.

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