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Seriously undervalued chemical stocks: 8 price hikes in half a month, leading the silicone industry

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Silicone is a chemical species with great potential this year, and the price has been raised eight times since March. The price of a ton before the Spring Festival was 21,000 yuan, and now it has exceeded 28,000 yuan, an increase of more than 30%.

Gold three silver four, now is the peak season for organic silicon, some major manufacturers have closed their quotations and began to accept orders in limited quantities. Downstream stocking is insufficient, and the inventory period does not exceed 5 days, which is seriously low. Under current supply and demand conditions, the price of silicone may continue to rise.

Product price increases will be directly transmitted to the company's performance. Companies with organic silicon production capacity will not have poor performance this year. We have sorted out the main companies in the industry, and companies with high production capacity and companies with a high proportion of business have benefited more obviously.

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