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Sanyou Chemical-Contributing to Winning Epidemic Prevention Global Silicone Network

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In the early morning of February 5th, in front of an enterprise in Tangshan, office workers were orderly measuring their body temperature to enter the factory area. The staff strictly disinfected the vehicles entering the factory area ... This is Sanyou Chemical, a double leader in the soda ash and viscose industry. Among them, viscose staple fiber accounts for nearly 40% of the market supply of raw materials for hospital masks and protective clothing nationwide. It is understood that since the Spring Festival, most of the company's employees voluntarily gave up their holidays and worked overtime to produce raw materials to fight the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic.

Sanyou Chemical Fiber is a leading enterprise in the domestic cellulose fiber industry. Its main business is the production and sales of viscose staple fiber. The main product is the high-end cellulose fiber brand Tangsi, which is a non-woven raw material supplier. One of Sanyou Chemical Fiber's main products is clean high-whiteness fiber, which is a kind of viscose staple fiber. It is one of the raw materials for medical supplies required by the epidemic. At present, the supply is sufficient, and the output can be increased according to demand.

Viscose staple fiber is commonly known as "artificial cotton". It is a natural cellulose regenerated fiber. It is the same as cotton as the raw material of cotton yarn. Its texture is similar to cotton. Its hygroscopicity, dyeability, drape and strength are better than cotton.

As a kind of viscose staple fiber, clean and high-whiteness fibers are processed through layer-by-layer extraction. They do not contain harmful substances such as chloride ions and have no fluorescence reaction. They are mainly used as raw materials for spunlace non-woven fabrics. , Surgical quilts, medical towels, wipes, etc. At present, Sanyou Chemical Fiber has closely combined production and operation with epidemic prevention and control, and scientifically organized production and transportation to effectively guarantee the high-quality and sufficient supply of raw materials for medical supplies. The company has kept the product price stable with the responsible downstream enterprises through the Tangsi brand linkage.

In addition to the above products, Sanyou Chemical also has two products that are important materials needed to fight the epidemic. Their uses are directed to disinfectants and medical gloves.

消毒 Disinfectant-related products are sodium hypochlorite containing 13% chlorine, which is a broad-spectrum, highly effective, and safe disinfectant that can be widely used in medical and epidemic prevention, and is the main raw material for epidemic prevention and control disinfectants. On January 29, the first batch of 120 tons of sodium hypochlorite donated by Tangshan Sanyou Chlor-Alkali Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sanyou Chemical Holding Co., Ltd., was first transported to Tangshan City Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Protection Team for pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of new coronavirus infection. It is understood that in response to the epidemic, Sanyou Chemical intends to donate 1,000 tons of sodium hypochlorite.

It is understood that the annual production capacity of sodium hypochlorite of Sanyou Chemical is 130,000 tons, and the current order is basically saturated. "In order to meet the needs of the epidemic this time, we have started full production." A staff member of Sanyou Chemical said.

While proactively donating disinfectants such as sodium hypochlorite, Sanyou Chemical also actively responded to the announcement of the State Administration of Market Supervision, and promised that during the epidemic prevention and control period, the price of sodium hypochlorite produced would not be adjusted, and it called on downstream companies not to raise the price of sodium hypochlorite. Buyers who maliciously drive up prices will be blacklisted for untrustworthy customers.

In addition, some special resins produced by Sanyou Chlor-Alkali are the main raw materials for medical gloves. At present, the company is actively arranging for the full-load production of sodium hypochlorite and special resins to ensure adequate supply of raw materials for the production of disinfectants and medical gloves, highlighting the social responsibility of public companies.

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