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What is silicone? What role does it play in fertilizers?

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The development of modern agriculture makes the fertilizer industry continue to innovate to meet market demand. From traditional mineral fertilizers to new fertilizers with small amounts and good results, and the addition of some substances can promote better nutrient absorption. This is also technological progress. So what is silicone in fertilizer applications? What are the benefits of adding silicone to fertilizers? Let ’s talk about it with Sannongyuan.

What is silicone

Organosilicon is a kind of organosilicon compound in a technical term. It has a wide range of applications and is more difficult to understand, but its role in fertilizers is very simple. It can increase efficiency and promote rapid nutrient removal by crops. The absorption effect is because organic silicon has good ductility and can penetrate crop cells and has a good penetration effect. Fertilizer experts also add fertilizer to this principle to drive nutrient substances to be absorbed and used by plants.

Organic Silicon in Fertilizer

Function one: Wet foliar surface. The daily spraying of crops has a characteristic that everyone must have noticed. That is, fertilizer with water stays on the surface of plant leaves for a short time, and it will quickly fall off with gravity. The organic silicon solution can Moisten the leaf surface. In this way, the liquid fertilizer is used to make the fertilizer liquid all distributed on the leaf surface, so as not to fall off as just said.

Function two: promote nutrient absorption. Silicone also has the characteristics of resistance to rain erosion and good penetration ability. The addition of diluted fertilizer can drive nutrients to pass through the foliage of the plant and be absorbed quickly. Fertilization is efficient in rainy seasons and local areas without being affected by light rain.

Function three, save fertilizer costs, large amount of fertilizer used in crops each year is one of the main agricultural costs, if adding organic silicon, a synergistic substance during foliar topdressing, can improve fertilizer utilization rate and reduce direct use Problems caused by waste.

Silicone synergist true and false

The emergence of organosilicon is very popular in the market, but there are also many inferior or ineffective synergists. Judging the authenticity of silicone is very simple. Prepare two leaves, one dipped in water and one dipped in synergy Agent, compare to see if the leaves dipped with the synergist are all moist, and the longer it is kept, the better, so that the fertilizer can be absorbed faster and better after being added to the fertilizer.

The above is the introduction of Sannongyuan about organizing organic silicon for you. At the same time, it talks about the role of adding organic silicon synergist in fertilizers and the method of judging the true and false.

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