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The technology of organic silicon functional fertilizer for treating severe saline-alkali soil has reached the international advanced level!

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On December 6, Tianjin High-tech Achievement Transformation Center organized experts to complete the "organic silicon functional fertilizer" completed by the Silicon Valley Agricultural Research Institute of Hebei Province, Tianjin Yimin Agricultural Machinery Service Professional Cooperative and Tianjin Binhai New District Taiping Town Taiping Village Cooperative Economic Cooperative. The scientific and technological achievements of "Technology for the treatment of severe saline-alkali soils" were identified. After listening to the report of the completed unit, consulting the data, and after questioning and discussing, the expert group agreed that the technology of organic silicon functional fertilizer for treating severe saline-alkali soil has reached the international advanced level. It is recommended to promote the application in large areas in suitable areas of the country.

At the scene of the appraisal meeting, Tan Mingji, an agrochemical expert at the Silicon Valley Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Hebei Province, said in the report of the results that the reason why the technology of organic silicon functional fertilizers for treating severe saline-alkali soil has achieved significant results is mainly the magical function of new organic silicon materials.

From recent test reports of Hebei Silicon Valley Agricultural Science Academy for organic silicon seedling-specific fertilizers, Tianjin Taiping Organic Silicon Seedling Demonstration Report, Liaoning Dawa Test Report, Jilin Taobei Test Report, Tianjin Taiping Thousand Mu Demonstration Report, reporters learned: Organic Silicon Functional fertilizer has significant effects in terms of desalination and yield increase.

Desalination changes

Yield change

The increase rate of production is 30.6% -65.1%, the newly added output value is 445 yuan per mu, and the net increase benefit per mu is 260 yuan.

Pu Xiaoping, the chairman of the expert appraisal committee and extension researcher of Tianjin Agricultural and Rural Committee, said on behalf of the expert group that, in this appraisal meeting, the materials provided by the results completion unit are complete and meet the appraisal requirements. The achievement unit took the lead in introducing organosilicon materials into saline-alkali soil treatment, and developed organosilicon functional fertilizers and organosilicone saline-alkali soil conditioners to promote the formation of aggregate structures, break soil compaction, accelerate soil salt drainage, and promote the transformation of pH to neutral. , Improve soil physical and chemical properties. Organic planting seedlings cultivated with organic silicon functional fertilizers enhance the toughness of seedlings, improve the quality of seedlings, and facilitate machine transplanting. The number of hair roots is increased by 60%, the machine insertion efficiency is increased by 15-20%, and the slow seedling period is shortened by 2-3 days, which realizes the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy. Organic silicon functional fertilizer promotes the absorption of silicon by rice and enhances the ability of rice to resist lodging and pests. The yield of severe saline-alkali land per mu is 405 kg, which is 159.7 kg more than the control acre, an increase of 65.1%, and the quality of rice has been significantly improved. A total of 1.0311 million acres have been promoted and applied throughout the country in three years, with significant economic, social and ecological benefits.

Zhang Hongjun, executive deputy general manager of Hebei Silicon Valley Fertilizer Co., Ltd., said that operability is a prominent advantage of this achievement. Silicon Valley will continue to expand the scale of promotion, and by 2020, it will build 10 million mu of demonstration bases.

Yang Ruirang, director of the Hebei Province Soil and Fertilizer General Station, said that the government's agriculture-related departments, agricultural science and technology extension workers, and new agricultural economic entities should reach a technical consensus as soon as possible, and carry out the transformation of results in an organized, planned, and large scale to make this country rich and rich. The results are to increase rice yield and rice quality; effectively treat contaminated soil; liberate agricultural workers; and improve the ecological environment to play a greater role.

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