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Business Club: Silicone DMC breaks "quiet" weekly increase of 3.17% in early December

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According to the monitoring data of the business agency, as of December 6th, the average price of the silicone DMC market in several mainstream regions monitored by the data was 17,333 yuan / ton, compared with Monday (December 2) this week, an increase of 530 RMB / ton, up 3.17%.

Second, market analysis

Product: The silicone market experienced a month-long low consolidation period in November, and the upstream and downstream mentality was bearish. Throughout November, the price of the silicone DMC market almost fell to the bottom, and some major manufacturers in early November and mid-month, Stimulate market demand, raised the offer twice, but did not give the market an effective pull-up atmosphere. Until mid-November, the overall market remained sluggish and weak. Until the end of November, the overall silicone market sentiment picked up and orders were just needed. There has been an increase in enquiries from downstream manufacturers and distributors. Some companies are preparing for stocking in December. Long-term low-pressure pressure has made silicone DMC manufacturers eager to increase their expectations. It is more than words.

In terms of the chemical industry, December is a month in which the past year and the new year are intertwined. This month will not only end the year of 2019, but also start a new one. The market forecast for the year, since the beginning of December, the silicone DMC market has broken "quietness", and the silicone DMC market has begun to show rising sounds. On the 4th and 5th, some silicone DMC manufacturers' offers were raised by 200-400 yuan / ton. On the 6th, Luxi Chemical's silicone DMC price was raised by 400 yuan / ton again, and the price of 17,400 yuan / ton of purified water was delivered to the price, and shipment was acceptable. As of the 6th, the current mainstream DMC price of silicones is around 17200-18000 yuan / ton, and the order quantity has rebounded from November. As downstream restocking has increased, the inventory of individual manufacturers is tight, which gives follow-up silicones DMC continues to push up the positive space for deposits.

Installation start-up: Luxi Chemical: annual production capacity of organic silicon monomer is 80,000 tons, the device is currently running smoothly; Tangshan Sanyou: annual production capacity of monomer enterprises is 200,000 tons, the current device is being stopped, the expected maintenance time is 10-15 days. It is expected to restart in the middle of the month; Shandong Jinling: the annual production capacity of the single unit is 150,000 tons, the device is currently running smoothly; Zhejiang Zhongtian: the annual production capacity of the unit is 120,000 tons, the device is currently being stopped for maintenance; Xingfa, Hubei: 180,000 tons per year 80% of the plant is currently under construction. The manufacturer expects to shut down and go online in mid-December, and the production capacity will be 340,000 tons after the line is connected. It is expected that the downtime will range from 10-15 days. Zhejiang Xinan: The total capacity is 340,000 tons. The unit is currently running smoothly. Dongyue, Shandong: 250,000 tons of annual production capacity, 70% of which is currently under construction; Jiangxi Spark: 400,000 tons of production capacity per year, and the unit is currently operating at full capacity; Inner Mongolia Hengyecheng: 240,000 tons of production capacity per year, The unit is currently under construction at 80%, with no short-term maintenance plan.

Industry chain: This week's downstream product silicone oil, silicone, and 107 rubber markets are strongly supported by costs, prices have begun to increase, and the enthusiasm for downstream stocking has increased. Some large customers have started stockpiling when they saw price increases early last week. Therefore, upstream Inventory pressure has been reduced. At present, some monomer plants have been closed. This has further stimulated the sound of follow-up. Silicon oil and 107 rubber manufacturers are still in the state of upswing while the shipment status is acceptable. At present, some 107 rubber manufacturers' factory quotation reference is around 17500 yuan-18500 yuan / ton; dimethyl silicone oil (normal viscosity domestic) is about 17800 yuan-19500 yuan / ton.

Third, market outlook

Business analysts think: Business analysts think that in early December, with the support of upstream manufacturers, the price of silicone DMC will rise slightly in the steady state. The situation is slightly optimistic in the short term, but long-term Judging from this, the overall market trend is still inseparable from the original upstream and downstream and demand.

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