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Do you really understand the combination of mold release agent?

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Definition of release agent
Mold release agent is a kind of functional material between mold and finished product. Mold release agent has chemical resistance, heat resistance and stress resistance, not easy to decompose or wear; does not hinder painting or other secondary processing operations. Due to the rapid development of injection molding, extrusion, calendering, molding, lamination and other processes, the amount of mold release agent is also greatly increased. Hechuan chemical focuses on technical services such as formula analysis, testing, R & D and industrial diagnosis of mold release agent, providing one-stop technical services for chemical enterprises.
Technology introduction: molding fluid mold release agent
Mold release agent for aluminum alloy die casting
Mold release agent is an indispensable auxiliary material in die casting production. Many defects of die casting, such as bubble, air hole, inclusion and die sticking, are directly or indirectly related to the improper selection and use of mold release agent. There are many kinds of demoulding agents on aluminum alloy die casting, especially the demoulding agent emulsified by dimethylsilicone oil is favored by many manufacturers. But the temperature resistance of this kind of silicone oil is not high. Dimethylsilicone oil is a linear body. When the temperature reaches 180 ℃, it begins to oxidize and then stick. The foreign products of the same kind are dc290, 50% of Daokangning and 958, 16% of Kano. The product has excellent temperature resistance and lubrication performance, and can replace emulsion dimethylsilicone oil for demoulding. However, foreign products have the disadvantages of technical monopoly and high price. Therefore, according to the demoulding principle, our company improves the wettability and demoulding force of the existing demoulding agent, and develops a series of aluminum alloy die-casting demoulding agent products, which are suitable for different customers.
Suggestions on the use of water-based mold release agent for aluminum alloy die casting
(1) we should explore the optimal dilution rate and spray volume.
(2) In order to protect the mould, the mould release agent with high quality and less spraying amount should be selected;
(3) In order to reduce the deposition residue on the mould, there is no need for products containing too much wax;
(4) In order to prevent the mold from sticking, try to use less products containing grease;
(5) For medium and large thick wall parts, silicone oil series products should be selected, but appropriate silicone oil formula system should be selected;
(6) It is not suitable to choose a formula system with complex additives and corrosion to products or baseplates;
(7) Different mold release agents should be selected according to casting size, wall thickness, complexity and process;
(8) Attention should be paid to the process of blowing and chip removal to ensure that the residual release agent is completely removed each time.
Recommended mold release agent for aluminum alloy die casting
(1) Dow Corning DC290 (50wt%) is used in combination with other organic emulsion: our company can provide DC290 substitutes, and its performance is basically the same as that of DC290.
(2) Alkaryl silicone oil dc203 and DC230: our company can provide emulsification technology for this type of silicone oil, in addition, we can also provide common emulsification technology for this type of silicone oil and other auxiliary additives.
(3) Aluminum alloy die-casting mold release agent Customization: our company can customize the suitable aluminum alloy die-casting mold release agent according to customer needs.
Emulsification experiment of silicone oil
Silicone oil emulsification experiment process, assist in the composition analysis of mold release agent formula, formula upgrading. For technical requirements, please contact Hechuan chemical: 18015501892
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Application of analytical technology in the development of mold release agent
Application of technology classroom | analysis technology in mold release agent research and development
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