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Catkins hide virus, eat Toona cancer? /Primary school students start school, wearing "one meter hat" and "Oh Huo" are quite "qingpingle"

2020-04-27 3895857

Yangguangyisheng, a new crown virus hidden in catkins, carcinogenic by eating Chinese toon, hair loss caused by commonly used silicone oil shampoo? In April, when the weather turned warm and everything grew, some rumors were quietly sprouting.
Recently, catkins are flying like snowflakes, which has caused some discomfort to some allergic partners. Some people are worried about whether there will be a new crown virus in catkins?
Fried Chinese toon with eggs is a family food on people's table. Now it's the time to eat Chinese toon. But recently, it's said that eating Chinese toon is carcinogenic. Is that true?
The food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations recently warned that if measures are not taken to maintain the global food supply chain as soon as possible, there will be a food supply crisis from April to May. It seems that overnight, the global food supply will be tense, so many people are ready to hoard food. Is it necessary
In April, let's take a look at some rumors that are swiping the screen in the circle of friends.
New coronavirus in willow catkins
It's not cold with willows. From April to may, it's the season of willow catkins flying again. At this time, there are all kinds of rumors about willow catkins. This year, under the "blessing" of new coronavirus, these rumors have "varieties". Is it true that there is a rumor that there is a new crown virus in willow catkins?
Recently, at the novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control Conference at the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal People's government, Wang Chengshuo, deputy director of the nasal Department of Beijing Tongren Hospital, pointed out that according to the existing research, there was no evidence of the presence of a new crown virus in the willow catfish. Professor Li Qi, director of the respiratory and critical care center of Xinqiao Hospital, Army Medical University, said the virus could not survive without specific temperature, humidity and other conditions, and would not stay in the air for too long. Even if the virus stays on catkins, it is not enough to reach the concentration of infection.
The catkins seen by the citizens are actually the seeds and derivatives of female willow trees. In order to spread and reproduce the next generation, they "send" these white fluffy fluffy hairs, carrying seeds and flying in the sky with the wind as the medium every spring. Beijing Municipal Bureau of landscape architecture and afforestation also pointed out that in the face of floating catkins in spring, people's friends should not be nervous. According to the existing research, there is no evidence that there is a new crown virus in willow catkins. When you are on the way to work or outdoor activities, you can wear masks, goggles, gauze and other protective measures according to your own needs. Love sports friends, you can try to choose the activity time in the morning, evening or after the rain and other flying light time. If the floating flocs fall into your eyes, please wash them with water immediately. At the same time, please pay attention to the fire safety, do not throw cigarette butts around, and be careful not to cause fire and other accidents.
Domestic food shortage needs to be hoarded as soon as possible
As novel coronavirus pneumonia spreads worldwide, some countries have begun to restrict or prohibit grain exports, which has led to the rise in international grain prices. Under the situation of global food shortage, the news of "China's food supply is facing a crisis" spread on the Internet, and many people began to hoard food crazily. So is China's food supply really in crisis?
In response, Wei Baigang, director of the Department of development and planning of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, said that China's grain production is abundant and the stock is sufficient. Even at the previous stage when the domestic epidemic was relatively serious, the grain on the market and all kinds of non-staple food were stable in price, and the common people's families were worried about rice and noodles. Now there is no need to rush to buy and hoard, and the grain still needs to eat new food.
Wei Baigang shared four sets of data to eliminate people's concerns about this issue.
"The first set of data is food production. In recent years, China's grain harvest has been high for five consecutive years, which has been stable at more than 1.3 trillion Jin. Last year, the grain output was 1327.7 billion jin, a record high. The second set of data is the per capita food share. Since 2010, China's per capita food share has been consistently higher than the world average. In 2019, it exceeded 470 kg, far higher than the international food security standard line of 400 kg per capita. " Wei Baigang introduced that the third group of data is grain inventory. At present, our country's grain inventory is sufficient, and the inventory consumption ratio is far higher than the 17% - 18% safety level proposed by the FAO, especially the two major rations, wheat and rice stocks are roughly equivalent to the annual consumption of the whole country. The fourth group of data is China's grain imports. China's annual grain import volume is not large. Last year's net import was 14.68 million tons, equivalent to less than 30 billion jin, accounting for only about 2% of China's grain consumption. We mainly import strong gluten weak gluten wheat, Thai rice, etc. the main purpose is to adjust the demand structure and better meet people's personalized and diversified consumption demand.
Chinese toon can cause poisoning and cancer
April is the best time of the year. In this season, there is a kind of food that the foodies have been looking forward to for a long time. It is Chinese toon.
"There are more nitrates and nitrites in Chinese toon. If not eaten properly, it can cause poisoning, which will seriously increase the risk of cancer." Every year, when it comes to the season of eating Chinese toon, some rumors spread, especially in the family group, "occupy a place", causing many people who love Chinese toon worry.
Can eat Chinese toon toxic, carcinogenic? To this end, he Yuhan, a researcher at Shenzhen Institute of agricultural genomics, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that Chinese toon does contain a certain amount of nitrite, but it does not mean that it will cause cancer. Nitrite widely exists in nature. Many plants convert into nitrate and nitrite by absorbing nitrogen elements in the soil during their growth. Therefore, there will be a certain amount of nitrite in many vegetables Nitrate.
"In our daily life, we eat" toon bud ". With the growth of toon, the content of nitrite will gradually increase, and the" toon bud "we eat is the period with the lowest content of nitrite. At the same time, the metabolism of nitrite in the body is relatively fast. As long as the intake does not exceed the international standard daily allowable intake, the impact on the body is not too great." He Yuhan said.
The World Health Organization and the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations set the daily allowable intake of nitrite is 0.13 mg / kg body weight. An adult with a body weight of 60 kg needs to eat at least 1.6 kg of Chinese toon if he wants to eat nitrite poisoning.
He Yuhan introduced the safe eating method of Chinese toon: "first, choose the tender 'Chinese toon bud', and then eat it after blanching. If the amount is more, you can blanch it and then refrigerate it separately, and try to finish it within half a month.". For those who like to eat pickled Chinese toon, it is recommended to marinate it for 20 days before eating, which can reduce the content of nitrite. "
Fresh Chinese toon sprouts can still be eaten at ease, but it should be reminded that some people may be allergic to Chinese toon themselves, and the severity of the allergy is determined by their own sensitivity to Chinese toon. Some people will have respiratory edema after eating Chinese toon allergy, often with dyspnea, dizziness, etc., and even suffocation, so it is serious People with allergies need to see a doctor in time. Therefore, it is suggested that people with allergic constitution or healthy people should eat less or not Toona when they have poor body resistance and discomfort, so as to avoid allergic symptoms.
Hair loss caused by commonly used shampoo containing silicone oil
Hair loss has always been a pain in many people's hearts. The choice of shampoo has become a serious problem for people who have hair loss. But in spring, like "are you still worried about spring outing?"? No silicone oil shampoo can help you get rid of the worry of losing your hair. This kind of article has also been widely spread in the circle of friends, which can't help people with hair loss. Can no silicone oil shampoo really help you get rid of the trouble of hair loss?
"Silicone oil is widely used in cosmetics or skin care products and has been approved by the regulatory authorities. It can be used in cosmetics and has a soft and moisturizing effect." Zheng Yue, an associate professor of dermatology at the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University, pointed out that silicone oil itself is non-toxic and tasteless, and will not cause skin irritation and allergy.
A small part of the silicone oil in shampoo is deposited on the hair, which plays a role of softening and moisturizing the hair. Because it belongs to macromolecular substance, it will not be absorbed by scalp hair follicle. Zheng Yue stressed that the shampoo with silicone oil does not contain much silicone oil. After washing, it will not remain on the scalp, so there is no need to "look at silicone oil and change color".
"For those with less grease secretion from dry scalp, manic hair or hair damage caused by long-term scalding and dyeing, silicone oil shampoo can be used to make hair smooth and easy to care for." Zheng Yue said that if it is oily scalp and oily hair, it is recommended to use the non silicone oil shampoo with strong cleaning power and oil control, and the hair will be more fluffy after washing with the non silicone oil shampoo.
"Whether it's silicone oil shampoo or non silicone oil shampoo, they have their own advantages. The best one is suitable for your hair quality." Zheng Yue said.
Zheng Yue pointed out that there are many causes of hair loss, such as mental pressure, nutrition, drugs, endocrine changes, postpartum hair loss, and genetic related androgenic hair loss. Each hair also has its own growth cycle, in the rest period there will be temporary hair loss.
"Although hair loss is influenced by genetic factors, we don't need to worry too much. We can reduce hair loss through reasonable rest and healthy diet the day after tomorrow. In fact, normal people will lose their hair every day. The hair loss during the rest period can grow again later. The amount of hair loss per day is less than 100. It's normal. Don't worry too much. " Zheng Yue suggested that in order to prevent hair loss, we must reduce staying up late, have a full rest, eat less greasy fried spicy food, and keep a happy and calm mood. Source: Youth Shandong (ID: sdgqt2014) has been comprehensively compiled from science and technology daily, Volkswagen, etc.
Primary school students start school, wearing "one meter hat" and "Oh Huo" quite "qingpingle"
Across 99 days, for Zhejiang primary and secondary school students, the longest winter vacation in history is over! The "little beast" in the mouth of mom and dad finally returned to school, sending the children to school,
The mask can't stop mom and dad's smile
What does primary school look like,
Here, it's the "maozi" one, the "one meter hat" of YangZheng primary school
These children are the first grade children of Hangzhou YangZheng primary school. In addition to wearing anti epidemic masks, they also wear a long hat on their heads. What is this to do? It turns out that this is a different "opening ceremony" planned by YangZheng primary school.
Under the effective prevention and control of the epidemic, we can go back to the beautiful campus, but we must do a good job in safety protection and keep a safe distance. However, the first grade children have no clear concept of "one meter". Therefore, the school came up with the idea of boldly improving the ancient "official hat" and "installing" the hat wing as long as "one meter". It can not only train children's hands-on operation ability, but also consciously train children to keep a safe distance from their peers.
Does this modeling remind you of the recent popular TV series? Yes, it is, qingpingleyue,
If TV dramas restore history from the height of clothing to headwear, the equipment of primary school students is not ambiguous at all. Believe it or not, you can compare it,
Not only added a lot of new equipment, many children also changed the appearance, let the teacher surprised.
The teachers were worried about the first grade Douding. They couldn't find the classroom and recognize themselves, but

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